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CILT Level 5 Diploma


CILT Level 5 Diploma

The Diploma in Logistics and Transport provides the learner with a solid understanding of supply chain and logistics. This course delves into management practices for business and operations and gives the learner the opportunity to choose between 5 elective streams all offering specialisation in different aspects of the supply chain.


Logistics and Transport keep goods moving around the world. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is the leading international body for everyone who works within supply chain, logistics and transport. This professional diploma will provide you with the skills you need to enhance your
career in the fields of Transport and Logistics.

BIZZCO has collaborated with CILT International to provide you with a learning pathway which will allow you to achieve accreditation in your own country and an international certification from CILT International.

This Diploma course aligns with the CILT Level 5 Diploma: it has 2 mandatory modules and 5 elective options. To achieve certification, the learner must complete 4 modules.

What is covered in this course? 

Learners can choose any elective module to complete their certification. On completion, the learner will be awarded with a Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) accreditation certificate and a CILT International certificate.

The modules form part of a broader South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) qualification and learners may choose to do additional modules and complete the full SAQA qualification.

International learners from the SADC regions have the same opportunities to achieve a certificate accredited in their own country, as well as the CILT International certificate.

Delivery Mechanism

This course is available as a digital learning course for those who want to improve their career opportunities through education. You can be located anywhere in the world and will be supported through our learner management system.

Each module consists of 16 – 20 downloadable lessons, a self-help quiz for each lesson and practical assignments. You can download your lessons onto any device such as a computer, tablet or smart phone. You will be fully supported by our support team throughout the duration of your studies.

Estimated Time

You should plan to spend 48 hours per lesson, which will include the time needed to do your own research for your assignments and to deepen your own understanding

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