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CILT Internationally Endorsed Training Programs



Transport and logistics are key enablers for the world’s economic development and prosperity. They dictate how you get to your destination, how you get your products, how you meet your customer order, how you do your business.

Bizzco has collaborated with CILT International to provide a pathway for people to achieve both South African (and SADC region) accreditation and CILT certification through the same learning intervention. This is a brand new approach to these qualification, you can do everything on line. You will receive full learner support throughout the program using exciting new learning materials and tools.

Special discounted pricing for CILTSA Members, speak to us about how you can take advantage of this.

Learning Pathways:

CILTSC01 Distribution and Transport Management

This course focuses on the distribution network model and its objectives, activities, and distribution inventory management decisions and includes interactive exercises to present the fundamental concepts associated with the distribution environment.

CILTSC02 Inventory in the Supply Chain

For businesses which manufacture and sell products, the management of the inventory which they own is critical to the success of the business. Identification of different types of inventory and implementing performance metrics to measure our inventory are discussed in this module.

CILTSC03 Inventory Valuation and Replenishment

Each Inventory item has a value and the combined value of all inventories must be accurate – why? In this short course we discover how inventory is valued and what this means to the financial statements of the business.

CILTSC04 Motivate and Build a Team

Teamwork is important in any company. A strong team will ensure the success of a department as well as a business. Knowing the purpose of a team, the team dynamics, how to set goals and motivate a team is important to create a team that believes in TEAMWORK!

CILTSC05 Warehouse Management

Warehouses are like the heart of the business. Knowing how to manage one efficiently should always be at the forefront of any business management plans as a warehouse holds our most important asset – our inventory!

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